We Would Like to Thank our Major Exhibit Sponsors

Stones N’ Bones

 Our newest three gallery exhibit presents Geology and  prehistoric life here in Western Pennsylvania

In the Geology Gallery, visitors can explore the local geology and learn about how our rocks and minerals are commercially extracted and used.

The Paleontology Gallery hosts a full size dimetrodon skeleton, various prehistoric trackways, and a wide selection of plant and animal fossils from Pennsylvania’s Permian, Carboniferous and Devonian time periods. Of
special note are a selection of fossils from the Red Hill site in North Bend, PA, recording in stone the time when sharks developed teeth and tetrapods first began leaving the water for a life on land. 

Our center piece of the Ice Age Gallery is a full size Wooly Mammoth skull with tusks.  It  is accompanied by a number of other now extinct animal species from Pennsylvania’s past when early Paleo-Indian hunters first entered this region 14,000 years ago.

Our goal is to create an exciting and interactive exhibit for all ages. This is an exiting and interactive exhibit for all ages and one that you will NOT want to miss.

Stop by at our gift shop to check out items that compliment the exhibit including be prehistoric critters, sharks’ teeth and trilobites, as well as a collection of other fossils for sale.  We also have educational new books for adults on geology, fossils and prehistoric animals as well as fun new books for kids, such as dinosaur activity books. and the popular When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big, & When Dinos Dawned.