Tours of Scripture Rocks Park include:

  • guided tours of the 1- 1/4 miles of improved trails.
  • History of Douglas Stahlman and when and why he carved his rock groups.
  • Close up-view of the Indian rock shelters.
  • Coming soon. A trip through an exhibit of native plants and grasses.
  • A picnic and pavllion area.

Extra activities such as talks on the local environment can be arranged to suit your curriculum.

School Groups

The Jefferson County History Center and Scripture Rocks Heritage Park  welcomes school groups of all ages.

Tours of the History Center include:

  • The Bowdish Railroad. The exhibit will be running during the time of the tour.
  • Stones & Bones. Our three gallery exhibit of fossils, minerals and life during the Ice Age. Several parts of the exhibit are interactive.
  • The Victorian Parlor. Original items from the Victorian age featuring musical instruments.
  • Living on the Land. Our award winning exhibit of live from prehistoric to modern times.
  • Transportation. Including a 1904 Twyford four wheel drive auto (replica), a Brookville freight wagon, racing sulky and horse drawn coaches.
  • A Gift Shop, featuring books, original fossils, JCHS and and Ice Age memorabilia.

Extra activities such as a scavenger hunt can be arranged to suit your curriculum.

Contact us:

For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact the Jefferson County History Center:

172-176 Main St.

Brookville, PA 15825

(814) 849-0077