Native Americans
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Includes a series of programs on prehistoric cultures, petroglyphs and archaeology in this area of Pennsylvania.

Presented by Carole A. Briggs

Your audience brings some “stuff.” The “stuff” might be a letter, a photograph, or an object. Great if they connect with each other, but that is not necessary. The curator will bring some, too. We’ll all put on white gloves and together interpret what the “stuff” has meant to our county.


Presented by Carole A. Briggs     

Stories abound about historian Kate M. Scott and miniaturist Charlie Bowdish. Tales of the Underground Railroad moving under Brookville’s Main Street do as well. Hear what the curator learned while researching the people, places, and events of Jefferson County.



Presented by Carole A. Briggs

Get to know Charles Albert Bowdish during this PowerPoint program. Some found the Old-Fashioned Feller That Still Eats Supper an odd character. Others described him as a creative genius? Find out what and who influenced him during his long lifetime, and how his passion for miniatures grew from his Christmas displays in Brookville to the Miniature Railroad & Village™ at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.


Presented by Carole A. Briggs

We encourage those attending this program to wear their own black hats! A costumed curator and black hats worn by both men and women in Jefferson County can tell us a lot about how they lived. This is a good program for a mixed audience.




Presented by Carole A. Briggs

Learn why aviator Lewis Earle Sandt is honored with plaques at two airports and a PHMC State Historical Marker at his Brookville home during this PowerPoint program.



Presented by Carole A. Briggs

Learn the tips to dating postcards. Find out how the experts do it in this PowerPoint program that features postcards from around the county. The program starts with early panoramas and moves to the colored postcards from the late 20th century.


Presented by Carole A. Briggs

Caring for the things of the past is a concern for some. Bring a photograph, object, or paper document that needs some tender loving care. The curator will bring some, too, and together we’ll talk about preserving and conserving our history.


The History Center can provide your group or organization with a specialized program at your location or ours on a variety of interesting topics or guided museum tours relating to the history of Jefferson County and surrounding areas.  For a complete list of speakers and available programs, contact Ken or Kat at 814-849-0077.  Please make speaker arrangements at least 4 - 6 weeks in advance.


Wildcats in the Civil War
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

WILDCATS IN THE CIVIL WAR -Photographs and stories present the history of Brookville’s famous 105th Pennsylvania “Wildcat” regiment during the American Civil War.


Scripture Rocks
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Legends grow in part from facts and many versions abound about the numerous Scrip-ture Rocks found throughout the woodlands surrounding Brookville, PA. This program will present an ongoing project initiated by the North Fork Chapter 29 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology and the Jefferson County History Center as an effort to rediscover, formally record and interpret the Scripture Rocks and life of Douglas Stahlman during his personal “divine calling” the early 1900's.

Virtually Visit the JCHC
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Does your group have a hard time visiting Brookville’s Historic District and the Jefferson County History Center? This virtual visit brings the History Center and its executive director or curator to you through a PowerPoint program that shows both permanent and temporary exhibits.

American Revolution/ Mayflower Connection?

Presented by - Kathy Myers

At this time there are about 30 million Americans who can trace their ancestry to a Mayflower  passenger. Are you descended from one of the Pilgrims who landed in 1620? Kathy Myers, a member of JCHS, member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD), and Governor of the Winslow Heritage Society presents a program on the 2020 celebrations taking place next year to mark the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. The program includes facts about the Pilgrims and shares resources available to prove a Mayflower lineage, including a new initiative by the GSMD, "Patriot to Passenger", a compilation of Revolutionary War Patriots with links to the Pilgrims.

A Ridgway native, Myers is a descendant of some of Jefferson County's earliest settlers, Carpenter  and Elizabeth Colburn Winslow, who, along with their extended family, arrived in Gaskill Township outside of Punxsutawney in 1818.