Native Americans
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Includes a series of programs on prehistoric cultures, petroglyphs and archaeology in this area of Pennsylvania.

Virtually Visit the JCHC
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Does your group have a hard time visiting Brookville’s Historic District and the Jefferson County History Center? This virtual visit brings the History Center and its executive director or curator to you through a PowerPoint program that shows both permanent and temporary exhibits.

The History Center can provide your group or organization with a specialized program at your location or ours on a variety of interesting topics or guided museum tours relating to the history of Jefferson County and surrounding areas.  For a complete list of speakers and available programs, contact Ken or Carole at 814-849-0077.  Please make speaker arrangements at least 4 - 6 weeks in advance.

Scripture Rocks
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

Legends grow in part from facts and many versions abound about the numerous Scrip-ture Rocks found throughout the woodlands surrounding Brookville, PA. This program will present an ongoing project initiated by the North Fork Chapter 29 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology and the Jefferson County History Center as an effort to rediscover, formally record and interpret the Scripture Rocks and life of Douglas Stahlman during his personal “divine calling” the early 1900's.


Wildcats in the Civil War
Presented by - Ken Burkett, Director 

WILDCATS IN THE CIVIL WAR -Photographs and stories present the history of Brookville’s famous 105th Pennsylvania “Wildcat” regiment during the American Civil War.