JCHS Invites Articles for Publication in the Jeffersonian Journal

Jefferson County Historical Society announces an open invitation to aspiring authors to submit an article on some aspect of Jefferson County history, for publication in JCHS’s upcoming annual peer-reviewed Jeffersonian Journal.

For more information contact Kat Lyons at klyons-jchc@windstream.net or at 814-849-0077.  Submission deadline is August 1, 2019


Jeffersonian Journal Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting material to the Jeffersonian Journal, the history journal of the Jefferson County Historical Society.

1. Articles must be based on primary resources or original analysis of current or historical events. Articles should pertain to the history of Jefferson County, and should be written to be enjoyed by a general audience.

2. Feature articles range from 3,000 to 4,000 words.

3. When sending a manuscript, make sure the thesis is evident.

5. All articles MUST have endnotes or a detailed list of sources. Footnotes are also acceptable. Use Chicago Manual of Style for format, and include publisher, city, date, and page. If citations are not present, the article will not be accepted.

6. Articles must not cover information already available except for context.

7. Submitted manuscripts should be exclusive to the Jeffersonian Journal. Please do not submit previously published articles or book excerpts.

8. Please review punctuation and grammar before submitting.

9. Electronic images of photographs and illustrations are welcomed, and should be submitted via email or CD in jpeg format at 300 dpi or higher at 100 percent size. Please limit images to 10. Scans are acceptable, but should also be high resolution. Images must be submitted with proper captions and credits.

10. All images and permissions are required by the issue's deadline. Manuscripts must contain captions and credits.

11. Manuscripts must contain an author biography of 100 words maximum.

12. The Jefferson County History Center practices rolling article submission deadlines. Therefore, there is no deadline for submission until your article has been approved for publication.

13. Submissions are subject to modification and outside review, with the editor having final approval.

14. Publication in a particular issue cannot be guaranteed.

16. Upon the approval of the manuscript, the author will be required to assign all copyrights related to submission to the Jefferson County Historical Society prior to publication.

15. The Jefferson County Historical Society retains the right to reprint articles in any format or media, and retains the right to grant that permission to others.

16. Submissions can be e-mailed to the editor, Kat Lyons at
klyons-jchc@windstream.net. Submissions are preferred as a Microsoft Word document with photos or graphics attached separately.