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Rack your brain and those of your friends to solve the puzzle created by a truly “postal” and diabolical mind (Guess Who?). We uncage him for 1 month at Halloween to torture your brains with cryptic clues.

​The Scenario: You are going to visit a friend who has been institutionalized. The facility is being closed down and moved to a new state of the art location the next day. Overcrowding is an ongoing problem and some of the residents have been moved into whatever space is available. Now there’s trouble. Can you help your friend and escape before disaster strikes? You will have 50 minutes to solve the clues in time to escape the bedlam and blazes!

Every Friday & Saturday September 29—October 28th, hourly from 6-9 PM at the Brady Craig Building (former JCHS Museum) at 236 Jefferson St., Brookville.  This scenario is recommended for groups of 2 - 6 and ages over 13.  Admission is adults - $20 and students $10. Advance Reservations are required and can be made by contacting the Jefferson County History Center at 814-849-0077.


Join our historical-based walking tour and discover strange but true eerie happenings in our town, if you dare to. Some of these eerie tales are even in our Jefferson County histories!

The lighted lantern tours will be led by Jefferson County History Center guides to various venues along Main St and adjacent dark, spooky alleyways.

Groups will meet at the Town Square at 6 PM on Saturday, October 28th.  Advance tickets are $10 per person and can be obtained at the History Center at 172-176 Main St, Phone 814-849-0077 or at the Brookville Chamber Office at 278 Main St. Phone 814-849-8448.  Limited tickets available at the event.

Got Ghosts?  The Jefferson County Paranormal Investigators (JCPI) will present their paranormal findings of select Brookville area businesses and homes and the first outdoor investigation at Scripture Rocks Heritage Park on Friday October 27th during Haunted Brookville’s events.

Dare to come see and hear our spirited ghosts in JCPI’s recordings! Find out what “proof” has been collected concerning some of Jefferson County’s paranormal “hot spots” from the JCPI team. Learn about the equipment they use to record sounds and sightings! It will be an evening of excitement and intrigue - Don’t Miss It!

Time: 7 PM., on Friday, October 27th at the Jefferson County Courthouse 2nd Floor. Tickets are $10 per person at the door and no advance tickets required.  Contact JCHC at 814-849-0077 for more information

Haunted Brookville