This 3-gallery exhibit highlighting geology, palentology and the Ice age

Stones N' Bones

Gone but not Forgotten

Living on the Land

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See how Jefferson County developed by visiting Out of the Mist, The Settlers’ Lot, Clear-cuts & Conservation, Working the Fields, Moving About, Buried Treasure, Business & Industry, and Into the Woods.

Adda Edelblute Pearsall Parlor  | Permanently on Display

Take a step back in time to the JCHC's recreation of a Victorian Parlor adorned with original artifacts that are dated from 1860 to 1910.

Additional Current Exhibits

This exhibit showcases photographs by Anna Dinger that compliment individual poems recently published in Poetry 1996-2016 .

Outdoor Rhododendron Exhibit | Permanently on Display

David Leach Rhododendron Exhibit

JCHC Board member Carol Hollobaugh stands with one of the new panels for the Dr. David Leach Rhododendron Exhibit which is now complete in the rear of the History Center. There are 3 panels, of which one depicts information about Dr. Leach and his work and two describe the 14 varieties of rhododendron that are planted within the exhibit.

Bowdish Model Railroad


Brookville: The Seat of Jefferson County  | Permanently on Display

This exhibit depicts the court system and buildings as they have changed over the years from 1831 to present day.  It includes the original wooden hands from the courthouse's clock face. 

Richardsville: Change Over Time  | Permanently on Display

View information, artifacts and a miniature diorama of the Richardsville community as it was from 1850 - 1900, built by Bill McCracken. 

Learn the story of Charles Bowdish and his miniature and model railroad creations. The model railroad runs on the last Saturday of every month.