JCHS Seeks New Writers for The Jeffersonian Journal

The history of Jefferson County is full of peculiar events, exceptional people, and notable places.
Many of the most interesting stories about the county have yet to be told. The Jefferson County
Historical Society is looking for writers and researchers who can contribute to the body of
published work on Jefferson County, particularly with aspects of local history that may have been
previously overlooked.

The JCHS is now accepting submissions for Volume 5 of The Jeffersonian Journal, which will be
available in the summer of 2018. The Jeffersonian Journal is a yearly publication where writers and
researchers present their work, showcasing various topics related to the history of Jefferson
County. The publication is just one more way that the JCHS strives to engage and educate residents
of the county and beyond. This year, in particular, the organization is committed to bringing in
new authors with fresh and unique perspectives on the history of Jefferson County.

Last year’s journal included articles on the history of The Jefferson County Home, the development
of several communities along the Redbank, the life of local journalist and photographer, Joan
Swigart, and the archaeology of a Native American rock shelter at Port Barnett. The JCHS
distributes the journal to its members and provides copies for sale at the museum gift shop.

Writers and researchers who are interested in submitting an article for publication in The
Jeffersonian Journal should consider the following guidelines:

1.  Articles must be based on primary sources or original analysis of current or historical events.
2.  Feature articles range from 3,000 to 4,000 words.
3.  The thesis or main idea of the piece should be clear.
4.  All articles must have endnotes, footnotes or a detailed list of sources.
5.  Electronic images of photographs and illustrations are welcomed, though they should be
     submitted via email or on a CD and include a proper captions and credits.
6.  The JCHS retains the right to reprint articles in any format or media.
7.  To be considered for publication, a final draft should be submitted by Friday, March 30th.

To help facilitate research topics and offer editorial feedback, the JCHS will host a Writers’
Workshop at the History Center, located on 172 Main Street, Brookville. The Writers’ Workshop will
be on Sunday, January 28th at 2:00 pm and is open to anyone interested in contributing to The
Jeffersonian Journal.

For more information on submitting to The Jeffersonian Journal or attending the Writers’ Workshop,
please feel free to call the History Center at (814) 849-0077 or email The
Jeffersonian Journal Editor, Jess Weible at jweible44@gmail.com.